Complete fire alarm system monitoring that works 27/7 with fast response

  • Meets NFPA & UL requirements
  • Does not require two separate phone lines
  • Alarms are transmitted in seconds
  • Affordability & dependability


SECURE: Exclusive only to the federal government for approximately 20 years, mesh radio network technology became commercially available in 1995. It gained UL approval due to each intelligent transceiver’s ability to build up to eight individual and dynamic paths of transmission to the central alarm monitoring station. This was accomplished by using each transceiver as a repeater for all other nearby units on the network and relaying messages via the most efficient path to the central station receiver. Built exclusively for the secure transmission of alarm signals using private frequencies licensed by the FCC, our smart CBSNet radio network eliminates reliance on third-party (telephone or cable company) carriers.

BEST ALTERNATIVE: Since AT&T has asked the FCC to allow them to migrate from POTS (Plain-Old Telephone Service) lines to newer technologies like digital phone and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), some areas may soon be without traditional phone service that the majority of alarm controls were designed to work with. Many alarm communicators simply don’t work properly over digital phone lines. Alternative communication methods being used include cellular telephone backup and TC/IP communicators. Unlike many radio backup systems, a CBSNet radio transfer provides alarm reporting from the premise via zone/full-data communication that supports multiple reporting formats through its easy interconnection to most fire alarm panels. CBSNet’s independence from other carriers ensures backward compatibility should communication technologies change again.

RELIABLE: A major concern with replacing the old self-powered telephone service that we are accustomed to with these new technologies is power failure. A disruption of electrical power will usually disrupt telephone service unless an uninterruptible backup power supply has been has been installed for the router and phone. Each CBSNet unit has its own code compliant power supply with backup battery to ensure continued operation. And, with its “self-healing” routing system, alarm signals are sure to get through.

AFFORDABLE & EFFICIENT: We are saving many of our customers money by encouraging them to use a CBSNet communication transceiver to replace the expense of having to use two POTS telephone lines usually required by fire authorities for redundant means of communication. The ability to complete an alarm transmission in less than three seconds (1/10th the time it takes to dial and deliver a digital message via telephone line) guarantees that help can be on the way before a fire can destroy all means of communication.