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Did you know that Commercial Building Systems Inc. is one of the only authorized distributors of Gamewell-FCI products in the Eastern Tennessee region? The first telegraph fire alarm system was developed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1852. Three years later John Gamewell purchased rights market the telegraph and at the close of the 19th century he purchased rights to the patent. During the Civil War, the patent was seized and it was not until 1867 that Mr. Kennard of Kennard and Co. saw great value in the telegraph which led him to purchase the patent from the government. Soonafter, Mr. Kennard began designing and manufacturing the telegraph alarm system which grew into the Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Co. in 1879.

Today, Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell is the leading manufacturer for various fire alarm and security devices such as control panels, voice evacuation systems, and mass notification systems. As the Gamewell-FCI website states, products are specifically designed to function in large or small-scale “educational facilities, healthcare facilities, colleges and universities, manufacturing, commercial and industrial applications”. The bottom line is that reputation matters; that’s why we trust installing and selling products from a historically-renowned company like Gamewell-FCI for our customers. Rest-assured, all Gamewell-FCI products are guaranteed to “deliver cutting edge technology that meets worldwide approvals, listings and standards”.​

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